Writer's Services

I offer several paid editing services. PLEASE read everything carefully before you decide to purchase a service. It will save us both time and aggravation. Thanks! 

1. Copy editing: This is a straight-up grammar and spelling edit. No notes will be given on character development or plot. I will follow all usual conventions of grammar and spelling according to the Elements of Style. 
Please note: MOST publishers have their own 'house style', which may reverse or alter some of the edits I perform. For example, the Oxford Comma. Some houses use it, some do not. A basic copy edit is essentially for the writer who is ready to submit a piece and wants to make sure it looks polished, or for the self-publishing author who wants fresh eyes to pick up anything he or she might have missed.

Price: $2/formatted page (see below for proper formatting)

2. Thirty-page edit/critique: I will take the first 30 formatted pages of your manuscript and return a comprehensive critique and editing suggestions, including character development, pacing, and plot. You will receive your manuscript pages with track changes in Word as well as at least one page of critiques and editing suggestions. 

Price: $65, flat fee.

3. Manuscript editing: This is the most in-depth and time consuming service. Your entire manuscript will be read, suggestions and comments made with track changes in Word, as well as any 'big picture' suggestions/critiques where warranted, including character development, pacing, plot, timeline, and consistency. Light copyediting included.

Price: $3/formatted page (see below for proper formatting)

NOTE: Using editing services is NOT a guarantee of publication OR obtaining representation. These services are for writers who want another set of eyes, a professional critique, to polish their manuscript and/or self-publishers who choose to hire an editor. I am a Middle Grade and YA SF/F writer, so I tend to gravitate toward that genre. I will gladly work with manuscripts outside those genres, but be aware I may not be familiar with conventions of other genres. If I make a suggestion that counteracts those conventions, please just let me know. I love to learn.

I will NOT research historical information in your manuscript. 

I am NOT interested in any kind of work with picture books or erotica, as they are outside my experience and expertise.

Page formatting REQUIREMENTS:

Pages must be sent with 1" margins all the way around, in Word or RTF format.  Double-spaced lines, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.  This assures a common pagination, approx. 250 words/page. If files are not sent with this formatting, they will be reformatted and priced according to the re-formatted number of pages. 

Payment terms:

*Payment will be invoiced through PayPal, unless alternative arrangements are made (I accept CC payments through Square, but it will require your CC information be sent electronically through email.)
* Half of invoice is due before work begins, with remainder due upon receipt of completed work. This is to protect both parties. 

My Credentials: 

* Written and published 10 novels for middle-grade and YA readers in the last decade, both with independent, traditional publishers and self-published. 
* Worked as a private contractor for Seven Seas publishing and Tor, re-writing light novels translated from Japanese (aka: English Adaptation). 
* First reader and Acquiring Editor for two independent, traditional publishers. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above services, please fill out this Contact Form and I will contact you for an estimated final price and time frame. Thank you!