Author Visits

School Visits

I am sorry, but school visits have been discontinued. Unfortunately, I am now employed full-time (but at a job I love, so it's all good!) in a school system and cannot take time away for in-person visits.

However, I AM still available on weekends and during the summer for bookstore and library presentations,  speaking engagements, and workshops, such as the following.

Writers Workshop
For grades 4-12 

A one hour - 90 minute presentation and discussion about writing and story mechanics. Included are topics like,

- Show, don't tell 

- Said isn't dead, but it's on its last legs

- Pick a Point-of-View and Stick to it!

- Badjectives! No!

- How you too can live with fewer adverbs (or: how to make better word choices)

Also may include topics such as plotting, character development and worldbuilding. Can be either a large class, or small group/roundtable discussion format; discussion will be limited if the group is larger. This presentation can also be adapted for adult writing groups, and works well if students have writing samples to use as examples. Please e-mail for rates and schedules.


Publishing workshop

For anyone who wants to publish, including older students and adult writer's groups.

60 minute presentation on publishing. What goes into a query letter, how to follow submission guidelines, what to look for and what to look out for, and how to avoid a publishing or agenting scam. What to expect once you do find a publisher. Includes Q&A.

For all presentations:
*Single session, half-day and full day rates are available for any of the presentations or workshops, and full days may be split between schools in the same district. Expenses (mileage, tolls, etc) will be added to rates if I need to travel more than 50 miles from my home. E-mail me for current rates, and to schedule a visit. You must book at least 2 months in advance.

 (If you are local to me and would like a school visit, I can be had for much less if you agree to sell my books to the children ahead of time. Please e-mail for details. )


Virtual Author Visits

Technology brings me right to your classroom! I'm happy to offer the Virtual Author Visit. A one hour chat with video chat over Skype, where you get to ask me as many questions as you can ask. Wanna talk about a particular character? Ask about how I became a writer? It's all open, ask away, even if I'm hundreds of miles from your school!

It works best if students come up with questions beforehand, to keep the visit lively and interesting. Virtual visits can be with ANY school, even outside the U.S.

If you have access to a chat room, I am also available for a virtual visit in that format. Again, having questions prepared ahead of time will make this type of visit go smoother and give the kids a chance to ask more questions.

TEACHERS: At least for now, virtual visits are free. Please e-mail to schedule a time and date for your chat. I don't ask that your class be familiar with my books, but if you want to read at least one ahead of time, either assigned reading or out loud in class, it may help the children come up with questions. If you need help ordering books, please just ask. 

Please e-mail for details. 

Please note: Timing for these Virtual visits will be worked out based on my availability, which is varied. I will attempt to offer a variety of options, to find a time mutually acceptable. 


LETTER/E-MAIL VISITS: If your class sends me a letter or e-mail asking questions, I will be happy to answer.  Not the same as a school visit, or even a virtual visit, but still fun for kids. Please allow ample time for response. I will also work with classes who want to purchase books in conjunction with a letter/e-mail visit.