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Talisman of Zandria Reviews

    "Talisman Of Zandria by Christine Norris is an original and entertaining fantasy novel showcasing a vivid telling of Ivy Peterson's voyage through the magical and fantastic world of Zandria. As Ivy discovers a fairy and returns for a search, she accidentally falls into Zandria, beginning the wonderful tale of Ivy and her newly made friend's pursuit of an amulet which will enable her return to her own life and world. Talisman Of Zandria is very highly recommended to all readers of general fantasy-fiction for its engaging telling, fun description, and intuitive mapping of a world only discovered by the imaginations of readers."

 - Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, April 2006

    "A relaxed and comfortable writing style and familiarly archetypal characters combine here into one appealing package for middle-schoolers. “Less-than-Ordinary” Ivy not only finds unexpected adventure but also beauty and strength in herself under her new friends’ gentle guidance. Good reassuringly defeats evil and even the “not-so-brave” accomplish great things. Believable characters and a satisfying ending make this a delightful fairytale read for a winter afternoon."

-Nancy K. Wallace  - Youth Services Librarian

    "Welcome to Zandria, a magical new world of enchantment, sure to delight young readers.  Gifted Author Christine Norris' first novel is the tale of Ivy, a shy girl from our world who stumbles through a mystical gateway into this strange land filled with fairies, elves, dragons, dwarves, trolls and wizards.  Talisman of Zandria sparkles with wonder, adventure and excitement.  A must read for fans of YA fantasy."

-Diana Hignutt, author of the award nominated Empress of Clouds

    "... Talisman of Zandria is an awesome book that is filled with lots of adventure. I like that as soon as the characters think they have one problem solved the author throws in another one. The characters were kind of different compared to the ones in other books I have read. I enjoyed reading this book and I hope everyone who reads this book will enjoy it as much as I did. I recommend Talisman of Zandria to kids 9-12 years of age who enjoy reading fantasies and fairy tales, and I hope to be able to read the sequel when it comes out."

-Cheyenne Myers, age 12, for

     "TALISMAN OF ZANDRIA is a modern-day "Wizard of Oz."  Brilliant, witty, and completely unexpected, TALISMAN OF ZANDRIA takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure from Ivy's backyard to the furthest corners of Zandria, a world of dark danger and mystical enchantment.  Ivy and Connor are completely endearing--automatically recognizable--and sure to become some of your favorite characters.  More than just a children's book, the TALISMAN OF ZANDRIA is a fairytale for anyone who believes that we really can go home again, that wishes come true, and that good always outs.  If you liked the "Wizard of Oz," "Lord of the Rings," and "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," then you should definitely take a trip to Zandria.  Good work, Ms. Norris! "

- Beverly Forehand, for Roundtable Reviews