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Reviews for The Crown of Zeus


 THE CROWN OF ZEUS is a fun blend of spunky heroines and Greek mythology that’s sure to appeal to Norris’s fans as well as new readers.” 

- Elizabeth C. Bunce, author of Morris award winner A Curse Dark as Gold


  "THE CROWN OF ZEUS was an enjoyable book to read mainly because of the mythology and action. The plot was entirely unique from any other books I've read. It was fun to read along as the four girls combined their smarts to get out of each dangerous situation with a new mythological character, and there were enough twists in the plot to keep the reader satisfied."
- Rachel, Bookmuncher/YA Enchanting Reviews
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    "I don't know a girl of 14, or a woman of 50, who wouldn't love this book! Part Nancy Drew, part Harry Potter, with a wee bit of DaVinci Code and a dash of everything you ever loved about archaeology and history--Christine brings together mystery, adventure, suspense, and humor in this tightly woven book. I found The Crown of Zeus completely absorbing, with a pace that builds through the book and never weakens.

I think one of the best things you can say about a book is that you would like a chance to be a character in it--to enter the world, share in the fun and adventure. The Crown of Zeus is just such a tale--a fantastic escape for any age. What a breath of fresh air! Buy this for your child, grandchild, niece, or perhaps for yourself."
- Ciar Cullen, author of The Princes of Anfall
    “Christine Norris has written a YA adventure that’s one part Indiana Jones, one part Chronicles of Narnia and one part Nancy Drew. Who wouldn’t want to read it? I’d like to live it.”
— Jean Marie Ward, author of With Nine you get Vanyr
    "A teenage version of the Magic Tree House books with a twist of Indiana Jones thrown in for excitement" (4.5 hearts out of 5)
- Steph B, The Romance Studio (click link to read the entire review)