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RETURN TO ZANDRIA by Christine Norris - Flamingnet Top Choice Award
Return to Zandria is a Flamingnet YA Book Reviews Top Choice award winner! Click the award to see the review!

"Return to Zandria is a lively story that is light and frothy in the telling. It has enough meat to the story to hold the interest of adults as well as the younger reader. I thoroughly enjoyed following Ivy through her flight on the back of a winged horse and a dragon, witnessing her budding love for Conner, the aspiring wizard, and her attempts to convince her friend, Lori, that all this is real. Lori remains unconvinced, even though she is living the adventure along with Ivy and that makes for an interesting side story.

I'd like to see at least one more installment in this series that follows the relationship of Ivy and Conner. I will be seeking out the first installment, Talisman of Zandria to see where this adventure began and, like Ivy, hope it will never end."
- MargeAnna Conrad,


"Return to Zandria is a wonderfully comfortable fantasy novel that enthralls the reader from the very first page... Ms. Norris has a special talent with character, which almost seems to surpass the excellent plot and vivid descriptive settings. Her protagonists are particularly well-delineated, and they are the kind who promise to linger long in the reader's imagination, peopling it with their further potential adventures, and leaving readers asking, "I wonder what happened to --- next?"

Author Christine Norris skillfully weaves in recollections of Ivy's former sojourn in Zandria, three years earlier, yet does so in such a way that readers can joyfully pace through Return to Zandria as a stand-alone novel. However, only the hardened heart would refuse to read Talisman of Zandria, the first book which recounts Ivy's initial adventures in the magical land. In this reviewer's opinion, the wise reader will rush immediately to read ALL of Author Norris' books!"

 - Montgomery Sword, Fantasy Author