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The Sword of Danu

ISBN:  978-1-612710-95-2 (paperback)
978-1-612710-96-9 (ebook)
978-1-612710-97-6 (epub)

Zumaya Thresholds

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Just when everything was under control...

Megan Montgomery has finally gotten her life under control. She’s decided to fully embrace her role as the Librarian, protector of the Library of Athena and the magical artifacts contained within. She’s spent her entire summer trying to teach herself magic (though it doesn’t always work out the way she wants) and studying both world mythology and the Library’s secrets. Even though she hasn’t heard from the Order of Ares in months, they are always at the back of her mind. She knows they are just biding their time, waiting for the moment to try and steal another magical artifact.

But it isn’t the Order that messes up the last days of summer vacation. Just as Megan’s thoughts are turning toward English Lit, History, and Latin classes, she is forced into yet another of the Library’s enchanted stories. Or rather, the story has come to her, somehow ripped from the pages of the book and brought to life. It’s obvious some magic is to blame for the accident, but it wasn’t her fault—was it? It doesn’t really matter; the only way to put things right is for her and her friends to fight their way through an imaginary Ireland, where danger lies around every turn, and find the mythical Sword of Danu. Following the clues is the only way to find what they need, and they’ll need to remember everything they can about Celtic mythology to get it right.

Things get even more complicated when her friends acquire magical powers of their own, that they seem to be able to use without much trouble at all. Now Megan has to fight her own jealousy as well as the monsters. Add in Ronan, the strange but handsome boy who introduces himself as a character in the story and this is a recipe for a plate of trouble with a side of disaster.

It’s a race against time—because the magic is spreading. The manor is already being overrun, and she and her friends must fight their way through what was supposed to be an imaginary world to find the sword and return things to normal.

And just this morning she thought she had it all under control, right?