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The Ankh of Isis

                 The Ankh of Isis (The Library of Athena  Book 2)
978-1-60504-065-3 (ebook)
1-60504-292-7 (trade paperback)
Samhain Publishing
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Megan gets lost in books. Literally.

The Library of Athena, Book 2

Megan Montgomery is looking forward to a nice, quiet Easter holiday. No school, no homework, time with her friends. Then her father informs her Mr. Hemmlich, a potential client and archaeologist, is coming to stay with them for the entire week. Her dreams of goofing off go up in smoke—until Hemmlich arrives with his handsome teenage son in tow. Things are definitely looking up.

Megan’s excitement quickly turns to suspicion when Hemmlich starts asking questions about the manor and its builder, Sir Gregory. Is it just admiration for Sir Gregory’s work? Or could Hemmlich know about the Library of Athena, the secret room full of magic books hidden deep beneath the manor? It shouldn’t be possible.

But then again, if she can get sucked inside a book…